Homepage Milestone

Sept. 2004

Company incorporated.

Nov. 2004

The home shopping channel was officially named Fubon momo TV. The digital filming studios, which the company invested hundreds of millions, were officially opened. The opening ceremony was presided over by Chairman Wan-Tsai Tsai, Founder of the Fubon Group.

Dec. 2004

In order to promote travel products, set up subsidiary Fu Sheng Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Jan. 2005

Fubon momo TV” started broadcasting 24-hour home shopping programs to about 3.9 million households.

May 2005

Launched momoshop. First shopping catalog distributed.

Dec. 2005

Reached single-month break-even.

In order to promote life insurance products, set up subsidiary Fuli Life Insurance Agent Co., Ltd.

Jan. 2006

In order to promote property insurance products, set up subsidiary Fuli Property Insurance Agent Co., Ltd.

July 2008

Launched momo TV2 and TV3.

Capital increased out of earnings of NT$ 180,000,000 to NT$ 630,000,000.

Oct. 2008

Board of Director approved the issuance of employee stock option certificates of 2,020,000 shares.

Jun. 2009

Capital increased out of earnings of NT$ 189,000,000 to NT$ 819,000,000.

Nov. 2009

Momoshop became one of the top 3 shopping websites.

Dec. 2009

Passed the ISO 27001 certification audit, the first virtual retailer to pass information security exam.

Apr. 2010

Momo shopping catalog’s circulation reached 1 million; became the leading shopping catalogue in Taiwan.

Jun. 2010

Capital increased out of earnings of NT$ 327,600,000 to NT$ 1,146,600,000.

Sept. 2010

In order to invest business in China, set up holding company ASIAN CROWN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. in the British Virgin Islands, invested and established FORTUNE KINGDOM CORPORATION in American Samoa, and then invested and established HONG KONG FUBON MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Hong Kong.

Dec. 2010

Capital increased out of employee stock option certificates of 745,000 shares.

May 2011

Fubon Gehua (Beijing) Enterprise Ltd., Chinese subsidiary, was founded.

July 2011

Major shareholder Fubon Financial Holding Venture Capital Corp. sold its 58,857,000 shares to Wealth Media Technology Co., Ltd., controlling mother company being Taiwan Mobile.

Dec. 2011

Capital increased out of employee stock option certificates of 830,000 shares.

Capital increased out of earnings of NT$ 116,235,000 to NT$ 1,278,585,000.

Aug. 2012

Acquired 20% stake in Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd.

Dec. 2012

Momoshop’s single-month sales reached NT$ 1 billion.

Jun. 2013

Winner of Technological Innovative Awards of E-Commerce Enterprises by MOEA

July 2013

Awarded Excellent enterprise of improving E-invoice by Ministry of Finance for the third consecutive year.

Nov. 2013

Awarded Gold Award in Online Shopping Platforms by MOEA

Dec. 2013

Momo TVs digital HD filming studio officially opened.

The Financial Supervisory Commission approved the public offering of shares of the company.

Feb. 2014

TPEx approved the companys stock to start trading on Taiwans OTC stock market.

Mar. 2014

Founded a joint venture TVD SHOPPING CO., LTD. with TV Direct in Thailand.

May 2014

Renamed company to momo.com Inc., approved in shareholders’ meeting

Jun. 2014

Launched TVD SHOP home shopping in Thailand.

July 2014

Launched momomall.

Nov. 2014

Held an analyst meeting before listed on TWSE.

Dec. 2014

The companys shares were listed on TWSE.

Mar. 2015

Re-launched momo TV3 from Mar. 3rd.

Jun. 2015

Acquired 20% stake in Global Home Shopping, a Chinese home shopping company.