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Core Values

Core Values

momo.com Inc. is devoted to providing high quality products with affordable prices and quality services to customers. Hoping to bring its success around Asia and lead its suppliers to the international stage, momo believes that it can serve both consumers and suppliers at the same time and internationalize its whole supply chain.

Competitive Advantages


Momo home shopping, along with E-commerce and catalogue shopping, provides high quality products with affordable prices and quality services to customers any time.

Delicate programming

Momo spent NT$200 million to build three digital filming studios indoor, one outdoor, and tapeless operating system to present delicate shopping programs. With Show hosts friendly and thorough introduction of products, watching home shopping channel at home could become a kind of enjoyment.

Diversified products of best quality

Momo has introduced hundreds of thousands of products since founded. In the future, momo will strengthen the introduction of branded products and continue to develop more diversified product offerings to provide to customers.

24-hour customer service

Momo’s customer service staffs receive regular professional training. 24-hour toll-free customer hotline allows all inquiries and services requested by customers.



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