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momoshop (http://www.momo.com.tw), launched in May 2005, is now one of the top 2 B to C shopping websites in Taiwan. Product categories include: cosmetics, skincare products, food, healthcare products, luxury goods, home appliance, leisure, sportswear, brands’ flagship stores, etc. The number of SKUs exceeds 800,000.

momomall (http://www.momomall.com.tw), launched in July 2014, is now one of the top 5 B to B to C online marketplaces.

To further expand into mobile commerce, momoshop app, providing “group buying”, launched in May 2014. The number of downloads has exceeded 1 million, and the app ranked top 3 in Shopping categories on Google Play.



momo.com Inc. (8454)
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Previous close :998
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