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Company Profile

momo.com Inc. was founded in September 2004 with a capital of NT$1.42 billion. Major institutional shareholders include Taiwan Mobile Group (44.3%), LOTTE SHOPPING CO., LTD. (15%), TECO Group (11.2%), and others (29.4%).

In January 2005, momo launched its first home shopping channel; the second one launched in July 2008, broadcasting 24-hours programs to 5.2 million households in Taiwan. In May 2005, momo started its shopping website, momoshop, and it has become one of the top 2 shopping websites in Taiwan. In the same year, momo started its catalog business, and it has become the market leader. momo passed the ISO 27001 certification audit in 2009, the first virtual retailer to pass information security exam, and thus it enables customers to shop easily and at ease.

In addition to its success in Taiwan, momo also looks for international expansion opportunities.TVD SHOPPING CO., LTD, a joint venture between momo and TVD, started its operation in June 2014. In June 2015, momo acquired 20% stake of Global Home Shopping, a nationwide home shopping company in China. Hoping to bring its success around Asia and lead its suppliers to the international stage, momo believes that it can serve both consumers and suppliers at the same time and internationalize its whole supply chain.

momo.com Inc. recruits the best talents and works with the most outstanding partners. Devoted to providing high quality products with affordable prices and quality services to customers, through TV, Internet and catalog, momo.com Inc. continues to build the most trustworthy shopping platform and provide the best shopping experiences.